London 2012 Olympics: world boxing chief slams British Wrestling’s ‘Plastic Brit’ policy

December 9th, 20114:55 pm @


He said: “After the Games I hoped there would be a legacy. But, for example,
there are 25 wrestling mats to be used, and according to the contract that
Locog has with the company that sent the mats, after the Games these
wrestling mats go back to France with the company.

“I think that is totally stupid. If you have 25 wrestling mats, for the legacy
the mats should stay in the country. In every country that organises the
Games, generally the mats go that country. These mats should be distributed
to the clubs.”

The controversy over overseas recruitment policy led to British wrestlers
refusing to speak to reporters or pose for pictures at a scheduled press
conference yesterday. The official reason given was that the wrestlers
wanted to concentrate on the test event and that recent questioning on the
subject had been “interrogatory”.

Colin Nicholson, the chief executive of British Wrestling, defended the
recruitment strategy, insisting that the overseas athletes had made new
lives in Britain and would be central to improving the sport in the future.

He said: “The people we are working with are dedicated, they’ve been here for
years and they’ve put a lot into British wrestling.

“They are not here and gone tomorrow so that we’re left with nothing. They
have enabled us to construct a world-class programme and that is more than
the sum of the individuals, it’s a system. That is what UK Sport is funding
us for. They’re not funding us for a flash in the pan.”

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