Brazilian Grand Prix 2011: world champion Sebastian Vettel praises ‘faultless’ Red Bull

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Brazilian Grand Prix 2011: world champion Sebastian Vettel praises ‘faultless’ Red Bull

“We are ready to take that because we know how sweet it can taste at the end
of the race or the end of the season.”

After finishing 122 points clear of second-placed Jenson Button, almost the
equivalent of five race wins, Vettel added: “Looking at the championship
score obviously it wasn’t that tight.

“But that shows how good we work on the operational side, more or less getting
100 per cent out of us as a package all the time.

“We can be really proud of that. I’m very proud of that. This will be a year
that we will look back on and always be proud of.”

Webber, who finished 17 seconds ahead of Vettel in claiming the seventh win of
his career, echoed Vettel’s sentiments.

“We were bomb-proof in many areas and that made it hard for the opposition, so
that is important,” said Webber.

He admitted, however, one of few areas for improvement moving into the 2012
season lay within himself.

After a disappointing year for the Australian in which he finished 134 points
adrift of Vettel, Webber is well aware he needs to up his game over the

“I think I can have a stronger season than this year,” said Webber.

“You’ve got to look at different areas to get to the highest level, and when
the bar’s high it’s obviously not just Seb.

“I don’t think about just him. We’ve some class operators in other teams:
Jenson Button, Lewis Hamilton, Fernando Alonso. These boys are on the case.

“One of the most important things is I’ve started to feel the car a bit
better, in terms of direction and working better with the guys and what we
need to do.

“That happened a while ago and has actually helped both of us again because
we’ve got the most out of the car and that’s been a success for the team as

“All the guys on my car have worked their nuts off all year so it’s been good,
and I’m happy to get the win today.”

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